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Written by Henji Milius   
Thursday, 15 March 2012 10:39

The Nissan DeltaWing was unveiled in London, England on Tuesday. According to the automaker, the vehicle weighs just 475 kilograms and consumes half the fuel of any conventional car to date.

The car, which resembles the batmobile, can outdue high performance vehicles from manufacturers such as Audi and Porsche, using Nissan’s everyday road car technology says Sam Phillip, writer for Top Gear.

Nissan DeltaWing                                                                                               Courtesy by Autoblog 

With an efficient 1.6 litre, four-cylinder turbo engine that produces 300 horsepower, the car was designed to beat other cars at the LeMans 24-hour race later this year.

The company's new direction was announced at a press conference by Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan Motor Company Ltd.

"As motor racing rulebooks have become tighter over time, racing cars look more and more similar and the technology used has had less and less relevance to road car development. Nissan DeltaWing aims to change that and we were an obvious choice to become part of the project," Palmer told the media.

British racer Mario Franchitti and Nissan’s FIA GT1 World Champion Michael Krumm will be the two Nissan DeltaWing drivers.

The DeltaWing will make its American debut at Sebring’s 12-hour race in Florida Thursday.

Watch the Nissan DeltaWing in action here after the jump.




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