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Written by Wendy Mach & Amy Weinstein   
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 14:05

The 32nd annual Genie award nominations were announced Tuesday morning, including the new category of Best Visual Effect.

Co-hosts for the 32nd Annual Genie Awards Helga Stephenson and Kevin Durand, nominated for Best Supporting Actor. (G. Pimentel Photography courtesy of ACCT.)

Helga Stephenson, Interim CEO at the Academy of Film and Television, will be hosting the event alongside Kevin Durand, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster. 

Stephenson told that this year’s Genies will be particularly interesting.

“What you have is a mix of masters working at the peak of their talent, and you have some very strong newcomers coming on who are astonishingly well versed in their craft. And so you have a big mixture, and it’s the old and the new and the young and it’s fantastic.”

Maria Ricossa of Humber’s School of Creative and Performing Arts said the new award is a welcome addition and a sign of a healthy Canadian film industry.

 “There are more categories, which means that there are more people who are working in all areas of the filmmaking process,” she told

Changes to regulations for eligibility work to accommodate independent filmmakers and smaller businesses.

The film that is creating the biggest buzz this year is Jean-Marc Vallee’s Café de Flore, nominated for 13 awards.

Second with 11 votes is David Cronenberg’s, A Dangerous Method, nominated for Best Motion Picture, along with Monsieur LazharStarbuck andThe Whistleblower. 

The Genies are scheduled for March 8 in Toronto. 


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